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Experience the Ultimate Microneedling RF Treatment at Calabloom Medspa – Unparalleled Quality Care Awaits You!

Are you ready to unveil a revitalized, youthful complexion? Look no further than Calabloom Medspa, where our commitment to exceptional quality care shines through in every aspect of our Non-surgical Face Lift using Scarlet RF. Allow us to share four compelling reasons why choosing our microneedling RF treatment will be a game-changer for your skincare journey:

1. Unmatched Device

At Calabloom Medspa, we exclusively utilize Scarlet RF, a state-of-the-art device meticulously developed by Dr. Na. With an emphasis on safety, Dr. Na has incorporated the groundbreaking Na effect, significantly reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation. Rest assured that you are in the hands of cutting-edge technology designed to deliver outstanding results.

2. Enhanced Skin Preparation

We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your skin is ready for the transformative power of Scarlet RF. Before each treatment, we include a gentle yet effective light glycolic solution treatment. This process thoroughly cleanses your skin, creating an optimal canvas for the microneedling RF procedure and enhancing its effectiveness.

3. Advanced Numbing Protocol

Your comfort is our top priority throughout the entire treatment process. To guarantee maximum comfort, we utilize medical-grade numbing cream combined with a specialized carboxyl mask. This powerful duo not only ensures your skin is adequately numbed but also enhances overall comfort during the microneedling RF treatment. Say goodbye to unnecessary discomfort and embrace a soothing experience like never before.

4. Revolutionary C02 Lift Carboxyl Mask

As a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional care, we include the highly sought-after C02 Lift Carboxyl Mask in our microneedling RF treatment. This remarkable mask, retailing at $99, works wonders by infusing your skin with oxygen, accelerating the healing process, and boosting hydration levels by an astounding 117%. Additionally, the mask’s plumping effect makes your skin taut and receptive, allowing the Scarlet RF device to effectively target every surface area for optimal results.

At Calabloom Medspa, our commitment to your satisfaction and well-being drives us to offer an unparalleled microneedling RF treatment. With our exclusive use of Scarlet RF, meticulous skin preparation, advanced numbing protocol, and the transformative benefits of the C02 Lift Carboxyl Mask, you can trust that you will receive a quality of care that surpasses your expectations.

Take the first step towards rejuvenated, radiant skin today. Contact our knowledgeable team to schedule your Non-surgical Face Lift using Scarlet RF at Calabloom Medspa. Unleash your natural beauty with confidence, knowing that you are in the hands of experienced professionals who prioritize your skin’s health and stunning results.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your skincare journey to new heights. We can’t wait to welcome you and witness the transformative power of our microneedling RF treatment firsthand!

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