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CooLifting facials are today’s modern approaches to skin rejuvenation. These facials are new, safe, and painless procedures that combine powerful blasts of CO2 or carbon dioxide, done at low temperatures and high pressures, and with a dose of helping of high concentration of atomized actives. The secret to the CooLifting facial is microcirculation, achieved when the CO2 hits the dermis or the top layer of the skin.

Today, let us know more about CooLifting facials, how they work, and what they can do for you. Continue reading until the end and discover if these facials can work for you.

What is a CooLifting Facial? 

CooLifting facials are speedy and effective treatments that address dehydration for more glowing and radiant skin. With cutting-edge technology and the excellent CooLift gun, medicine has never been more effective or quick—you can easily incorporate the treatment within your busy day, whether it is within your lunch hour or between engagements.

It is a simple, effective, non-invasive cryogenic facial treatment that is new, safe, and painless. CooLifting facials utilize the CooLift beauty gun to deliver a powerful yet consistent direct blast of CO2 or carbon dioxide at a low temperature and high pressure and a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid, resulting in an immediate lifting effect.  

The cold CO2 gas allows deep penetration of the hyaluronate facial solution with mild pressure applied to the entire face. This unique, innovative, and non-invasive treatment lets the pores absorb the nutrients and vitamins of the CooLifting facial serum through the cold mist application.

Benefits of CooLifting Facials:

  • Achieve the immediately noticeable improvement
  • Affordable
  • Increased skin hydration
  • No pain, no side effects
  • Plumps out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates underlying tissues

As a disclaimer, results vary from person to person, not only for CooLifting facials but for all cosmetic procedures. They are based on age, lifestyle, and medical history.

How CooLifting Facials Work

CooLifting facials are innovative new beauty treatments that are quick, easy, and, most importantly, totally effective in returning a youthful appearance. A CooLifting facial is a natural process that washes the wrinkles away by tightening the skin with neither surgery nor medication. The treatment works with a CooLifting facial device that dispenses a cool CO2 mist that uniquely opens the pores to absorb the nutrients and vitamins in the serum. Practitioners can apply this unique mixture to the crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles across the forehead, the cheeks, laugh lines around the mouth, and the brows.

The CooLifting Procedure

The CooLifting facial gun jet sprays the facial tissues using a powerful CO2 flow at a shallow temperature and a high pressure combined with an extremely high concentration of atomized activities. The treatment gun sprays a controlled amount of potent carbon dioxide or CO2, infused with proprietary hyaluronic acid and selected botanicals on the skin tissues at a shallow temperature and high pressure.

What to Expect from CooLifting Facials

When you arrive for the first session, our professional will consult with you about areas you’d like to improve, and your doctor or healthcare provider will explain the entire process. The session, which entails the powerful, low-temperature, high-pressure application of the CO2 mist, will take a mere five minutes. Results will be evident immediately. The process is swift and comfortable, with no aftercare necessary, and to maintain the youthful appearance you’ve just achieved, one session a month will be a maintenance session.

The process focuses on tightening the skin by improving hydration, which washes away the wrinkle lines. The CooLifting facial beauty device dispenses a combination of the nutrient mixture – a hyaluronic solution and a very cool temperature of compressed CO2 gas. This combination is absorbed into the specific area, leaving you with smoother skin.

FAQs About CooLifting Facials

“Am I a good candidate for Coolifting facials?”

Anyone who wants smooth, glowing, and hydrated skin is an excellent candidate for a CooLifting facial. This skin treatment can be performed on all skin types, including those who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

“What common areas can practitioners treat with CooLifting facials?”

Typically, CooLifting facials are used on the face, neck, and chest areas. Make sure to discuss everything with your doctor or healthcare provider so you’ll know all there is to know about this procedure.

“When is the best time for me to have CooLifting facials?”

There’s no specific or special time to have this treatment. You can have CooLifting facials any time of year, whenever you want to have them!

“How many treatments would I require for optimal results?”

Six (6) treatments a week apart give the optimal result. However, it still greatly depends on the individual and their skin condition.

“Will my skin require preparation before?”

That’s the good thing about CooLifting facials; they do not require special preparations for your skin before the treatment.

“What do I need to do immediately before the treatment?”

Nothing is required. Relax and rest before your treatment so you’ll have all the energy needed to undergo CooLifting facials.

“Is it painful? Will I need local anesthetic or other medication?”

For most instances, you will feel a cool prickling sensation which is very mild, making this treatment not require you to have an anesthetic.

“What do I need to do immediately after the treatment?”

You can leave the product on your skin as long as you can to let the product absorb into the skin. Patience is a virtue for CooLifting facials to work their best.

“Do I need to take time off work?”

Since this treatment is non-invasive, you don’t need to take any time off. So no, that is not required.

“What do I need to do in the weeks after my treatment?”

Use the recommended skin care products your doctor or healthcare provider will prescribe. Another thing to do is to follow instructions for your CooLifting facials to produce optimal results.

Final Takeaways

CooLifting facials are the best and easiest way to look years younger with no effort, discomfort, or invasion. With no preparation or downtime before or after your sessions, you receive immediate results that are easily maintained for your new youthful appearance. The reduction of the age lines creates a lifting effect that allows your skin to shine.

Do you want to experience CooLifting facials? Our awesome friends at Cala Bloom Med Spa can help you today. Visit them now! 

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